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Hi I’m Vanessa

Vanessa Dale is one of Australia’s most sought-after photographers.

After an extensive career and vast experience in the tourism sector, wedding and photography industry, Vanessa is the mastermind creator of Exclusive Content Travel Packages. 


This product is a one of a kind in Australia and the trips are designed and customised to compliment her client's image,

create content diversity, set a new benchmark for ultra-high-end content and bring your product to life.

After your initial consultation with Vanessa, she will be there with you every step of the way, her dedication and attention to detail are what delivers flawless results every-time.


Not to forget, Vanessa is also renowned for her amazing wedding photography, having photographed hundreds of weddings and receiving raving reviews.

From your very first phone call with Vanessa, you will be blown away by her passion, enthusiasm, love and dedication to her craft, regardless of the project she is working on.


Your stunning images and artworks will without a doubt be the envy of all around you and those memories will last forever.


Every product is customised and the process begins after your initial consultation with Vanessa. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 


What are you waiting for!

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